Get Inked!

Get inked!

Welcome to the Inkman Comics blog!

Inkman is a down to earth character I created in July, 2010 whilst prepping for the Comics Experience “Intro to Comic Writing” course. The character and his story began as a dream (literally) and has become so much more.

Andrew James (AJ – aka ‘Inkman’) lives with his sister’s family, he’s addicted to Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and has finally gotten some professional comics work. It doesn’t go quite to plan when his computer fritzes and he wakes up in hospital!

The first INKMAN comic, “Dead Lines”, has recently been self-published in the comic anthology “Out of Our Minds” (buy it for $10 right now) which features some amazing writing and artwork from up-and-coming creators.

This blog won’t limit itself to stuff about Inkman though!

I’ll share insights into writing, either my own thoughts or links to other awesome creators (you should totally go check out

I’ll share new comic ideas and plug comics I’m reading (from Transformers to Animal Man for example).

There’ll be stuff about music and movies and novels.

And whatever else.

Primarily this blog will be about writing comics.

So if you think you might be interested to check it out, thank you!

There’ll be more soon!



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