Clint Lowery’s Tour Blog

I love Sevendust. Since my little brother* lent me their album “Animosity” they have never left my playlist and I’ve tracked their career and records for about a decade. Their recent album “Cold Day Memory” heralded the return of guitarist/vocalist Clint Lowery after a couple of years away from the band (but not music).

I love finding out about artists and their lives and interacting with them (Insert “Shaun Spencer voice from PSYCH: “oh, twitter!”) and recently Clint started journaling his thoughts while they’re on tour. He’s had an amazing journey and being able to read his thoughts on twitter and this blog has enabled me to live vicariously since I curtailed my rock star dreams! 😉

Check out the blog here, there’s some honest thoughts about life on the road, and cool insight into what guys in a rock band really get up to. Clint has a unique perspective and it’s quite refreshing to read from someone whose focus isn’t getting wasted and hooking up each and every night.


On the weekend I’ll be posting up some art and links to the guys that worked on Inkman and also posting about Transformers. Be sure to check it out.




* He’s actually taller than me and a black belt in Kung Fu. I don’t mess with him anymore.

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