Comic News Thursday #1 (Oct 13th)

Today there are some big things announced, released and happening in the world of comics!

HAPPENING: IDW Publishing on Comixology

IDW Publishing, who I’ve been a big fan of since they grabbed the Transformers license in 2007, have now linked with Comixology and have their titles available for digital download on their website and apps. I have been using Comixology regularly for a couple of months now, especially for DC’s New 52 comics (see below) and it’s great to see that IDW now have their wonderful comics here.


RELEASED: This week’s comics

I bought Green Lantern #2 but Ultimate Comics Spider-man #3 stood out the most today.

First of all it has a letter printed by Paul Allor (find him on twitter), the writer of Clockwork vol 1 (check it here) and a fellow alumni of Comics Experience!

I’ve seen a few reviews that comment on Bendis’ use of decompressed storytelling, but the first 3 issues of UCSM have got me HOOKED! The team creating this comic put their all into it and I loved watching Miles’ first foray into life-saving, and he was successful too. It’s lining up nicely with the Ultimate Universe timeline, fitting neatly in to past events with some references here and pushing it forward now. Can’t wait for #4.





Did you miss IDW’s first monster event series “Infestation” earlier this year? Well, there’s a mega hardcover coming out and trades already available that you can get up to speed on as INFESTATION 2 is coming (with Lovecraftian creatures in tow) next year! In fact, it’s only months away, releasing from February with a number of tie-in mini-series (like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles amongst others) being released.

Of particular interest to me is the 2 issues of INFESTATION: Transformers taking place in the Hearts of Steel universe, created by Chuck Dixon and Guido Guidi for the first (and so far, only) Transformers Evolutions series, released a number of years ago. This opens up a world of possibilities that won’t step on the toes of the regular Transformers series (that will only really be getting going after the release of two ongoing series in January).


Tonight I’ll post up some of the first Inkman art I received! It blew my mind seeing character designs come in, I can’t wait to share it.

God bless all,



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