Prime’s Quiet Day


This is my first photo comic. Inspired by both the Optimus Prime Kre-o and the Comics Experience November Workshop challenge (artists to create two intersecting stories in one page) – and then I came up with this.


This page was created solely with my iphone and wee bit of putting together on my computer. I used a .99c app called “HALFTONE,” which is lots of fun. It created the look of each panel and the captions. Just choose the image and place the text. It brings form and function, but relies on the image being brought to give it life. It’s a fun app though. Has plenty of options.

There’s a big visual mistake in this and I didn’t have time (read = couldn’t be bothered) to go back and change it as it would mean setting up the whole shot again. So I left it as a tribute to it’s own amateur beginnings.

Bring it on, Decepticon!


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