An Autocratic Plug

You must do what I tell you! 😉

This January, three (yep, three) new Transformer comics are being launched by IDW Publishing and look very exciting.

In fact, More than meets the eye #1 (MTMTE) came out last week and had quite a bit of buzz surrounding it, including a fun picture treasure hunt that had lots of fans scowering the net for the twelve of them.

Robots In Disguise is launched next week on the 25th (26th here in Aus) from senior editor/writer John Barber and artist Andrew Griffith (see Glove Studios).

However, I want to point your attention to a new, very special comic coming this week!
IDW are launching their first digital only transformers comic, Autocracy.
From the minds of Flint Dille (classic transformers writer), Chris Metzthen (blizzard!) and über-artist Livio Ramondelli (Transformers: Chaos – find him on twitter @livioramondelli) comes a story featuring Optimus Prime, Megatron and amongst others.

It is set in the past, during the beginning of the war between autobot and decepticon and will be the only place to see Megatron and Optimus in comics for a while.

Also, it will only cost 99c for each issue, it’s 8 pages long and coming out bi-weekly for about half the year!!!

I’m really excited by this, and IDW put out a cool plug over the weekend (see below).

So, if you have ea computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod I would check this out this week!!!


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