19 days later

In 19 days the culmination of many years of film production, script-writing and checking, effects tweaking and mighty Marvel marketing (now with Disney!) will come to fruition.


In 19 days ‘The Avengers’ lands on Australian shores and in film theatres and we will be witness to a blockbuster franchise film first. Iron Man I & II, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger all building together to bring these heroes together against a threat one of them couldn’t face alone.


The war is coming and Loki is bringing it. Everyone seems to be wondering who the alien race is that has been glimpsed in some of the trailers and TV spots recently. However, I believe that the most interesting aspect of the film will be witnessing how the heroes come together and stay together.


If you haven’t seen ALL of the clips, check out the links and embeds. It’s gonna rock.


Hulk Smash

1-minute long TV spot


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