We’re here!
“Where?” you may ask. Melbourne, for Supanova.
Supanova is a convention. A meeting place for people that love pop culture entertainment; from movies, comics, games, AWF, anime and cosplaying.
I’m very excited because this year the main comics related guest is Marvel and Indy writer superstar Brian Michael Bendis. He’s been writing Ultimate Spider-man for over 160 consecutive issues, amongst many other Marvel series (many Avengers titles) as well as his own creator-owned titles like Jinx, Takio and Powers.
The Australian comics business is very small scale. There are a few creators dotted around the place (Shane McCarthy, Tristan Jones and Trevor Hutchison spring to mind) but the market for comics in Australia is limited. The chance to meet and learn from someone who has been working in the business for as long as Bendis has is unique. So, we’re down in Melbourne!
Being part of the Comics Experience Creators Workshop is awesome, as I can regularly connect with and share work, ideas, story ideas, etc with like minded individuals from overseas, but the chance to meet some Australian artists and writers who love making comics is very enticing.
I’m hoping to meet a few people and give them my details, try to build some connections for future comic work. I want to hopefully produce some more scripts from writing to finished product in the next couple of years.
Just the chance to chat and talk with fellow creators is exciting. I hope Melissa and Bella survive the weekend!

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