Sunday Supanova Spectacular!

Supanova Sunday Spectacular

I love alliteration. And now I can definitely say I love Melbourne.

We only spent 4 days here but the culture, charm and coffee won me over.


I would have posted my Sunday blog on sunday night but had no 3G or wifi access in our hotel. It was a great room though. The Pensione Hotel about 100 metres from Southern Cross Station (fast becoming the biggest station x shopping area in the city) and our room had a bed for Bella and a double for us. It was partitioned with a wall creating two small areas that were surprisingly spacious – the elegantly tall ceilings did their job perfectly.

Anyhow, we dropped our big luggage at the hotel after having our slowest, relaxing morning at Renee and Bernie’s. (Wow, I just realised I should’ve titled this “Weekend at Bernie’s”. 😉 Sorry mate.)
They were extremely generous and hospitable opening up their bungalow for us and it was special for Isabella to meet and spend time with their girls Ava and Sienna. We thought we had everything packed but tragically left Bella’s prize teddy bear ‘Kevin’ behind – we had to buy a new cuddle toy at Supanova (a ‘Roo’ from Winnie the Pooh).

We dropped our luggage and went off to see a bit more of Melbourne city. Caught a couple of trams, got some coffee and a pistachio macaron – awesome – and then had lunch on the Yarra River.

Now it was time to head off to Supanova for some final panels about comics and tv.

Saturday was a very full day so I wanted to ease of the pressure on Sunday and we planned to only go for about 3 hours. We started by finding Roo and a couple of little bits n pieces and I then met Christopher Sequeira, a Sydney based comic writer and we chatted about the local industry, as small as it is, and he was very forthcoming with tips and ideas on where to start with my script writing.

Chris was very generous with his time and I grabbed a copy of horror-Sherlock Holmes series ‘The Dark Detective’ which I’m eager to read, but it had to be packed away with my other signed comics. (I’ve now read it and it’s an interesting take amongst the other Sherlock media)

A common theme amongst lots of people I talked to was how the communities in Melbourne compared to Sydney. After this weekend Mel and I could easily live in Melbourne, for totally different reasons. There are SO many comic shops all over the place and the people that read and also create them are supportive and it seems like a more valid part of society down here. Sydney, on the other hand, well, there are some shops but they are few and far between and the creative community seems much harder to get together regularly. Something that Chris, and Paul Abstruse on Saturday as well as myself, would love to see changed.


After chatting to Chris I wanted to head to the FilmInk Features room to hear from young actor Chandler Riggs. He is most well known for playing Carl Grimes, son of Sheriff Rick Grimes, in The Walking Dead TV series. He is a fantastic kid and all in attendance appreciated his candor and clarity when answering questions about zombie blood, tongue-zombies and lots of other awesome things. He loves his job and genuinely appreciates being in the privileged (fun) position he is travelling to Australia while his friends in Georgia, Atlanta worry about homework and tests. It was cool to hear he loves Sci Fi and hoped to be cast as Ender in Ender’s Game and looks forward to having some more intense moments in the TV show next season.

We then dashed to the other end of the con to the Seminar space and Brandon Sanderson was just finishing up. I know my brother would’ve loved to have heard from him and even get stuff signed, but I was there for more Bendis. Lis and Bella chilled at the back with the fresh air and I found a spot dead centre near the front to hear from the amazing creator for the third time.

He had been tweeting that morning that he was holding onto some special art that hasn’t been seen publicly anywhere and he wasnt wrong. Over the weekend he totally sold me on Spider-Men. A mini-series coming out from June which sees Peter Parker (the Amazing Spider-Man) from the regular Marvel universe crossing over into the Ultimate Marvel universe and meeting current Ultimate Spider-Man, the young Miles Morales. We were shown multiple variant covers and some interior pieces and Sara Pichelli’s artwork has never looked so gorgeous. Purely amazing. Now that IDW’s infestation 2 is over I can see a space in my budget for this series!

Bendis fielded lots more questions today and they ranged in topics from his creator owned works to Avengers and Spiderman comics. He continued the line that whatever he’s doing post his Avengers run is big. And still used his non-answer about X-men.

Well, that was it for Supanova. I’ve got lots of thoughts and inspiration to go over about creating comics which I’ll put together this week and post Friday night. And I am totally going to be at Supanova again when it comes to Sydney in June!

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