A Father’s Day Poem

I haven’t written much on this blog in a while (despite thinking about it over and over!) but I wrote a poem for my dad that I thought i’d share. It may be fairly obvious from reading it, but my parents have been away for about a month and got back this weekend, just in time to celebrate Father’s day! (Also, I and my parent’s have nothing against the country’s mentioned!)


‘A Father’s Day Poem’

You’ve had enough of Canada
You travelled through New York
We skyped you on your birthday
But now to record a thought.

You’re back in Oz
With no delay
(In fact, quite early)
We all say:

Happy Father’s Day, Dad
Both in and out of law
Swing a tale like a bag round your head
(Don’t mention mum’s accursed flaw)

What timing to rejoice with you
Our dad, father and our kin
Blessing, man, and good friend
We love you, thanks for everything.


Cheers all!, G’night


(p.s. For my mum’s sake, because i’m making this public, the “flaw” was her losing her bag while travelling. It turned up courtesy of some wonderful people at Chicago Airport I believe, so all was well)


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