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Brutal Consequence – comic page collaboration

I’m not going to put too many words on this post because I really want to show off this amazing page of comic work!

However, some context.

A few months back the Comics Experience Creator’s Workshop monthly challenge was to write a single page script. As many writers know, putting a whole story in a short space IS a challenge. My first experience of this was crafting the Inkman story “Dead Lines” (which can be viewed for free here) as a 5 page story.

Creating these single page comics was inspired by Warren Ellis’ “Three Panels Open” feature and I came up with two ideas. Amazingly, during the same period the artist’s section of the workshop were tasked with finding scripts to practice their own skills on.

So it is without further ado that I present a reverse-narrative 3 panel tale “BRUTAL CONSEQUENCE” – with amazing art by Jason Folkes and Gannon Beck. Please check out their work at the links below!





(C) Luke A Barnett, Jason Folkes, Gannon Beck 2012


Kick It Out

Ahem… a bit of absence here, but onward!!!

Shorty is about to get chomped.

There has been a ton of new comics, movies and music keeping me busy in 2012 so far. Most recently it’s been John Carter, Thrice and Mutemath (always with Alter Bridge) and on the comic front, “Skullkickers”.

In fact, I want to spend a moment plugging this fantastic comic created by @JimZub and crew. They have been making this so-far-ongoing series for a couple of years now, and have built a great fan base through their print distribution. Last month on the Comics Experience Creators Workshop we had a fantasy inspired writing theme, and some script pages for the artists to try their hand at. Recently though, they have begun placing page after page of content online for FREE on Keenspot. I hadn’t heard of this website until some of the comic media reported SK was online, but man, it’s amazing.

I’ve been following a few web comics (notably Bearmaggedon and Axe Cop by The Eef, Ethan Nicolle) and love reading them on my laptop, but more often my iPad. I read the free #0 of Skullkickers on my iPad through Comixology and was hooked, but it didn’t reach my buying habits in print, mainly cause they’re pretty limited to Transformers comics. Through Keenspot I’ve been able to start catching up on this fantasy series filled with humour, bloody axe attacks and a mysterious duo that are quite effective at catching or eviscerating monsters.

It’s quite inspiring – both from a storytelling viewpoint and a fantasy reader one.


And now the awesome part:

A pretty massive, open invitation to compete to create a Skullkickers story. I’ve had my story skeleton running around in my head ever since I saw this posted a couple of weeks ago. And now I’ve gotta crunch out a finished pitch. It will be great just to send it in. I won’t be expecting anything, cause I’m sure there will be a HUGE number of contestants of a good-to-high quality. But once it’s over and announced, I’ll post my pitch here on my script samples page (coming soon).


So go check out Skullkickers! If you like any type of fantasy or buddy-cop genres, and don’t mind a bit of comic-blood or groin kicks then you’ll love it!


Cheers, Luke

iFanboy Making Comics podcast with ANDY SCHMIDT

If anyone reading this blog knows, is that I like to keep it about comics. My joy and journey in writing comics came August 2010 when I completed the Intro to Writing Comics course from Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience class.
If you’re someone interested in the art of writing comics and like listening to podcasts – iFanboy have just started a new segment 10-15 minutes long that will over time share a wealth of info and motivation!
Go and check out Episode One here or on iTunes.

I’m going away for a brief holiday tomorrow, but will probably have one more post before Christmas! 🙂 yay for Holidays!

Transformers #81, a petition-makers reflection

by Luke A Barnett

The first flyer created to promote the online petition

 Most of my friends offline and online know I’m a bit of a nut for Transformers. I’m sure it’s part of the way God made me – that I’m still a “child at heart.”  However, even though I enjoyed Transformers (the cartoon and toys) as a kid and raced home to watch Beast Wars (instead of doing homework), I only REALLY LOVED Transformers fiction as an adult when I could invest my own money into the property. Buying dvd’s, toys and comics with my own hard-earned cash was great. It stirred my parents to no end and my then girlfriend, now awesome wife, supported me (read: didn’t mind all that much).

Through this experience I became involved with the online Transformers fan community. There’s a whole journey there that I’ve taken, but this year marked a particular personal experience with Transformers and the wonderful creators and publishers that make them.

I’ve been lucky enough to moderate on IDW Publishings own forum’s twice (on their old board and recently “appointed” again by Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt) and through this set up some fan Q+A’s with uber-Transformers comics writer Simon Furman. As every fan that has met him can attest to, Simon is a really excellent guy to interact with, chat to, gush over and even though we’ve only ever communicated through email he’s always been happy to give of his time to respond to our fan community in this way.

So then came the question of TRANSFORMERS #81. There are a number of links out there – Newsarama.com posted about it and I created a facebook page and twitter account – but the story is that creators Andy Wildman and Simon Furman were interested in continuing the original Marvel comics continuity of Transformers, but publishers IDW Publishing apparently weren’t quite sold on that idea.

[Note: I’ve always personally maintained that IDW’s run of TF comics have always displayed a desire to honour and extend the history of Transformers, and have often exceeded fans’ expectations – the goal of the petition was for Transformers #81 to be additional to any current Transformers comics output]

After this Q+A revealed that the creators were keen, the fans that read this started to murmur “hey, we’re keen, they’re keen, why isn’t this happened last month already?”

A friend on the IDW forums, Ron (a.k.a ‘DecepticonsRule’), started to chat about how we could catch the mood online in a very real way to show IDW there was an audience for a renewed “classics” Transformers series. I suggested a petition (amongst a swathe of other social harassment tools – I don’t I had anyone unfriend me because of this…) and it took off.

In April this year the petition went live and we bombarded as many forums, fan sites, twitter feeds and facebook pages as we could.

I very quickly whipped up a petition flyer that fans could download and photocopy to place in their local comic shop for all to see, comic stores were extremely supportive too and so were the current professional and fan artists that also loved the classic series.

Without too much wrangling, some awesome people GAVE us artwork to use to promote the petition. People like Josh Burcham, Guido Guidi, Kris Carter, Andrew Turnbull and many more – gave their time and talent to this cause. I cannot thank them enough. (Last thing to be created was a DeviantArt account to display the amazing talent and efforts – link!)


The first fortnight was huge, we received hundreds of ‘signatures’ proclaiming a love of the original series and that they would generously hand over money for this product!

I can’t remember the exact timeline but the petition reached almost 3000 signatures in about two months.

IDW Publishing heard (Chris Ryall has been very patient with me filling up his twitter feed – cheers!) and at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 they announced that Simon Furman and Andy Wildman would be producing Transformers #81* 20-issue series in 2012.


(Here are some links regarding the announcement: Simon Furman’s blog, Newsarama announcement)

Not only have IDW continued to employ amazing creators on their own IDW-verse of Transformers comics (looking ahead to TWO ongoings launching in January 2012 is EPIC!) they have also backed a return to the classic rendition of the characters WITH the same creators (of course, this does not discount the efforts of multiple artists of the series).

Amongst the whirlwind of the excitement over this announcement was when I really started to reflect on what had happened essentially under our fingertips. With DecepticonsRule suggesting to me that we could actually get this thing going and his efforts with personal messages across forums, I wouldn’t have thought much about Simon’s response. And I realized why.

I didn’t grow up with this series.

Yep. It wasn’t the first comics or transformers stuff I loved, or even knew much about, and even as an adult fan I was too busy catching up to really get into everything of the 80’s. I think watching the four seasons of the cartoon drained me a bit? 😉

The nostalgia that so many fans had that they brought to support the petition wasn’t there for me.

It was the opportunity. I knew I could do the petition. This year I was in the unique position with my job that I actually had the time outside of work to fiddle with facebook/twitter harassment without avoiding marking students’ work. What I realized was that back in April I could leap at this thing and let the fans have an opportunity to tell IDW Publishing that we wanted something ADDITIONAL to what they were already doing, if they would simply produce it (ha, of course, not as simple as that I know). It seemed that we all just needed a place to let them know about it!

I honestly thought that the petition would have had to run at least until the end of the year. I was thinking about a short animated video promotion. I have a professional voice actor friend who was gonna help me with it. I hadn’t done any of that stuff before but it was exciting. But two months later, Chris Ryall and IDW Publishing made a whole bunch of fans dreams come true and gave the reigns of the perhaps long-overlooked but definitely not forgotten series of Transformers, with its untimely finish at #80 (it did reach over 300 issues in the UK).

With 2012 fast approaching I cannot wait the official release date of Furman and Wildman’s Transformers #81 from IDW Publishing, and I hope that everyone that signed the petition (and more!) heads out to buy this comic!!!

Roll out!


*The official title of this series is yet to be confirmed, there have been some reprints under the banner “Transformers Classics”.

Get Inked!

Get inked!

Welcome to the Inkman Comics blog!

Inkman is a down to earth character I created in July, 2010 whilst prepping for the Comics Experience “Intro to Comic Writing” course. The character and his story began as a dream (literally) and has become so much more.

Andrew James (AJ – aka ‘Inkman’) lives with his sister’s family, he’s addicted to Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and has finally gotten some professional comics work. It doesn’t go quite to plan when his computer fritzes and he wakes up in hospital!

The first INKMAN comic, “Dead Lines”, has recently been self-published in the comic anthology “Out of Our Minds” (buy it for $10 right now) which features some amazing writing and artwork from up-and-coming creators.

This blog won’t limit itself to stuff about Inkman though!

I’ll share insights into writing, either my own thoughts or links to other awesome creators (you should totally go check out www.thebrutalcircle.com).

I’ll share new comic ideas and plug comics I’m reading (from Transformers to Animal Man for example).

There’ll be stuff about music and movies and novels.

And whatever else.

Primarily this blog will be about writing comics.

So if you think you might be interested to check it out, thank you!

There’ll be more soon!