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Inked head

photoshopnow I want to take an opportunity to highlight a wonderful piece of work that good comic creating friend HdE did for me.

As well as all the inking and lettering on my “Inkman” five page story, he also worked up the striking header image that I now use as this blog site header.


You can find his good self on deviantart! He also has a wonderful blog over here. Go show him some love!

Check out Inkman: Dead Lines on the comic page link above!




Inkman: In Character

The greatest stories have often been the simplest to explain. They capture our hearts and imaginations and take us on a journey.

Books and film have been my source for great stories for many years, as well as comics. And in the past few years comics have taken over because they provide such a fantastic integration of visual and literary storytelling that appeal to me.

Inkman began as a dream – the simplest of ideas. I imagined a young comic artist who mysteriously becomes a digital superhero. While using Photoshop to finish some art his computer would crash and also take him out, knocking him unconscious. Upon waking he would find he has all the tools and abilities of Photoshop in the real world at his fingertips (bazinga).

I didn’t have names but I had a family of people with one central character that gains amazing powers. (I love superheroes in general and I think this is what I gravitate towards when I write, but I hope to expand with other genres.)

I don’t know of any superheroes that have been given powers by a computer fritz, and in the digital age of comic production and distribution I felt that Inkman could be a nifty creation.

“Inkman” soon became Andrew James, AJ for short (named in honour of a close musician/tattooist friend and my brother). Visually he begins as a fairly regular guy, no spandex here, but his family would be a key part of his life and the story so I developed some ideas on physical similarities between him and his sister, Ruth.

Mark's first draft for Andrew (a.k.a "Inkman")

When I found my artist, Mark Louie Vuycankiat, he very quickly sent back some character designs. As you can see above Andrew is quite striking. Once I had lifted my chin up off the floor from seeing characters I had envisioned for real, I reflected that this Andrew seemed too mature for the character at this stage. He had a ‘Brad Pitt’ quality that was visually appealing but didn’t convey some of the innocence I wanted for AJ.

I had suggested a few physical features as possibilities for a similar resemblance between Andrew and his sister, Ruth, and Mark really nailed the look. With a reduced age the final character design came in spot on.

The final character design

And here’s a panel from the comic:

Hope you enjoyed a peek at the art and process that we went through. It resulted in a fun 5-page comic that helped teach me a LOT about writing for comics. And I hope to have more in the coming months of other, non-Inkman and Inkman stuff to share with you.


Thanks for reading!

Check in again late Thursday/Friday for my comic wrap-up (featuring Transformers #28 and Justice League #2) and on the weekend for more INKMAN!

© 2011 Luke A Barnett

Clint Lowery’s Tour Blog

I love Sevendust. Since my little brother* lent me their album “Animosity” they have never left my playlist and I’ve tracked their career and records for about a decade. Their recent album “Cold Day Memory” heralded the return of guitarist/vocalist Clint Lowery after a couple of years away from the band (but not music).

I love finding out about artists and their lives and interacting with them (Insert “Shaun Spencer voice from PSYCH: “oh, twitter!”) and recently Clint started journaling his thoughts while they’re on tour. He’s had an amazing journey and being able to read his thoughts on twitter and this blog has enabled me to live vicariously since I curtailed my rock star dreams! 😉

Check out the blog here, there’s some honest thoughts about life on the road, and cool insight into what guys in a rock band really get up to. Clint has a unique perspective and it’s quite refreshing to read from someone whose focus isn’t getting wasted and hooking up each and every night.


On the weekend I’ll be posting up some art and links to the guys that worked on Inkman and also posting about Transformers. Be sure to check it out.




* He’s actually taller than me and a black belt in Kung Fu. I don’t mess with him anymore.

Get Inked!

Get inked!

Welcome to the Inkman Comics blog!

Inkman is a down to earth character I created in July, 2010 whilst prepping for the Comics Experience “Intro to Comic Writing” course. The character and his story began as a dream (literally) and has become so much more.

Andrew James (AJ – aka ‘Inkman’) lives with his sister’s family, he’s addicted to Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and has finally gotten some professional comics work. It doesn’t go quite to plan when his computer fritzes and he wakes up in hospital!

The first INKMAN comic, “Dead Lines”, has recently been self-published in the comic anthology “Out of Our Minds” (buy it for $10 right now) which features some amazing writing and artwork from up-and-coming creators.

This blog won’t limit itself to stuff about Inkman though!

I’ll share insights into writing, either my own thoughts or links to other awesome creators (you should totally go check out www.thebrutalcircle.com).

I’ll share new comic ideas and plug comics I’m reading (from Transformers to Animal Man for example).

There’ll be stuff about music and movies and novels.

And whatever else.

Primarily this blog will be about writing comics.

So if you think you might be interested to check it out, thank you!

There’ll be more soon!