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I’ve got a big feeling this comic is coming with the feels.

http://www.fullmetalhero.com/t12799/#post118445 – full comic preview




This is one of those previews. I’m hesitant to post pictures that are out of context but had to spotlight some of the points that made my gut churn, tears well and heart beat just a mite faster.

Tomorrow is the release of Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye issue 12. 1 year in and I’m in love with the comic and characters. It’s getting pretty hard to watch some of the things James Roberts, Alex Milne and Josh Burcham are putting these guys through.


The whole 5 page preview can be found at FullMetalHero courtesy of IDW Publishing.


Panel pic #1:


Magnus is taking on Hun-Gurr on the left, stomping some dino-con underfoot, shooting one guy on the right and launching two missiles – all at the same moment – and after transforming too. Yep, “he is really good at fighting.”

I love this main panel – it shows the gloriousness of comics in one image – it could be considered a still image, but it also clearly shows a passage of time (vehicle, multiple attacks, movement, smooshing). And you can’t beat Swerve and Tailgate watching from afar.


Panel pic #2:


Snaptrap gets on panel briefly before getting a sword shluckted through the back of his head. Guess which Autobot did that?

I love comic sound effects. This one is nicely masked within the image too.



Okay. This one is REALLY out of context, so you may lose the impact I felt. The third panel is from Page 4, and it is a character i’ve particularly enjoyed so far this series – Swerve. He’s a fast talking, joke-cracking bar man who has gone through a lot this year. Now look at him…


Panel pic #3:

swerveheadSwerve!!! How did this happen!!! He doesn’t have a face. Is he alive? Unconscious? The preview doesn’t reveal this but just hits me smack in the gut with this image. It’s haunting.


So, a friend of mine wanted to say something:





LOST LIGHT = More Than Meets The Eye?


How much can one rave about a comic? Let me tell you, the internet has not seen enough!!!

Aside from being content-filled, mystery-induced, spark-eating, Transformer-lovingly awesome, More Than Meets The Eye is a great comic.

A group of Autobots and friends, led by Rodimus (formerly known as Hot Rod), set off to find the ancient, mythological “Knights of Cybertron.” And their ship is called the “Lost Light.”

Well, here’s my question:

How can this ship NOT be a Transformer, in disguise?

On the right: Head, complete with helmet, visor, chin, beard and hair

On the left: torso, 4 limbs (1 obscured by “hair”), hands and feet



We have not seen many zoomed out shots of the ship, but I’ve included 3 of the key ones here, and in the second two in this post I believe it’s clear that we can see a helmet/visor over a face and the rear could easily be limbs.

Now it has to be said, James, Alex, Josh and Nick are masters at what they’re doing in this story. There are so many twists and turns that the fans are speculating about which character is Agent 113, who are the DJD and WHO PUT OVERLORD IN THE BASEMENT?!?

So, I guess I could be going waaaay out there with this one, though, if anyone had a secret plan for the ship their on to be a Transformer, it’d be these guys!

Check this out: this panel it has a NOSE AND MOUTH!!!

Sooo… yeah. The Lost Light is enjoying it’s not-so-quiet journey with a radical crew. What is it going to take to spark this thing back to life?


Comic Reviews – Sunday 23rd October

Pick-ups this week: Transformers #28, Justice League #2


First up, the might of DC’s New 52: Justice League


Issue 2 did not disappoint me. In fact, as a historical non-DC reader issue 1 didn’t disappoint me either. I’m used to slow-burn, decompressed storylines – ones that have character front and centre. I don’t always need a lot of things being resolved and pushed forward in individual comics if there are interesting character beats and personality clashes, etc.

Issue 2 ups the ante of #1 as the cast doubles in size. We get major engagement between Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and the Flash. As well as this we have a meeting between Vic Stone and his dad and see their fractured relationship in action.

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee continue to do an amazing job here, with some flashy splash pages thrown in for good measure (in fact, both of today’s comics had some awesome splash pages – see below). I’m just loving where they’re taking this story. The slow build seems worth it. At the end of issue two we have a pretty major alien threat invading Earth at apparently multiple points. Looking forward to more heroes (Wonder Woman and Cyborg) joining the boys in the next couple of issues.


Transformers #28 – Chaos – “Kings”

Wow. What an issue. I’ve been tweeting about it since I read it. I haven’t had as many jaw-dropping moments for a while in a single Transformers comic – but this one hit it.

There are so many continuity nods from comics such as All Hail Megatron and even as far back as Revelations. Mike Costa and James Roberts provided the story with Costa penning the script.

There are too many moments to list – you really should just read it.  And whilst I love digital comics, sometimes they just don’t do a comic justice – we’ve got some particularly awesome art in this series from Livio Ramondelli, and the spreads in this issue are amazing.

Go and check it out now people! Before it’s over!

Two TRANSFORMERS Ongoing comics in January!

People following IDW’s Transformers comics for a while would know that in January they are continuing the ongoing by expanding it into TWO ongoings. Coming out of events in “CHAOS” (going right now to December) the story brings a natural split in the characters and so my dreams of a larger ongoing IDW Transformers universe are being fulfilled.

Ever since Simon Furman seeded so many plot threads back in Infiltration/Escalation/Devastation/Revelation I have hoped that IDW would be able to do this. And now we have it, and with AWESOME creative teams behind the launch.

John Barber and Andrew Griffith will be launching Transformers: Robots in Disguise and James Roberts and Nick Roche are behind Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye.

The internet is buzzing with this news so head to these links for a peak at more art and info!!! BEWARE: SPOILERS!




Check the blog later for my thoughts on Justice League #2 and Transformers #28!!!