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Mute, but not Silent.

Keyboard Jump Engage


Mutemath are coming back to Australia’s shores in early 2013 – which is awesome because I’ve only been obsessing about them since earlier this year when some good friends recommended them and I realized they’d played some of my favourite tracks on great movie soundtracks (Transformers 1 and Twilight).

There’s been a lot written about Mutemath – their sound, their records and especially their live shows. And I guess that’s what I want to add my voice too.

The HiFi Bar in Sydney is the perfect venue for them (that is until they can command arenas like Muse do), and they totally filled the room with evocative sounds, brilliant colour and lively theatrics.

It was all genuine. That’s what got me. These guys are excellent musicians and they love performing with an audience. They really seem to respect the audience and give EVERYTHING to the show.

I’ve been a drummer, electric guitarist and bass player in a few bands (never at the same time – lol). But Darren King’s STATEMENT OF INTENT when he stands at the drum kit, places his headphones on and GAFFA TAPS THEM TO HIS HEAD gave me chills. I’d only heard their albums, and I loved it, but the drums and overall sound is very deftly produced to allow a lot of interesting instruments shine – so the drums are not what I’d call intense or in your face. On the albums.

Because live. With his headphones taped to his head. And with only a small kit to play. He PLAYS.

I don’t know how much he sweats but EVERY drop is worth it.

So I give you some links to some clips. Enjoy.

Typical” live in Sydney (Paul comes into the crowd and you can see my head and BJ [with the big blonde hair] at 1:56).

Typical” music video – AWESOME CLIP

Clipping” – live – Check out Darren with 3 drum sticks between 1:00-1:20.

Part of “Quarantine” – all for the AIR MATTRESS CROWD SURFING

Cavalries” – live – great shot of Darren Tapped-Head King

Chaos” – clip – one of my favourites!

And their website


P.S This post is dedicated to my buddies Matt, Adam and Simon – go here and grab tickets and come to their show in March boys!


Kick It Out

Ahem… a bit of absence here, but onward!!!

Shorty is about to get chomped.

There has been a ton of new comics, movies and music keeping me busy in 2012 so far. Most recently it’s been John Carter, Thrice and Mutemath (always with Alter Bridge) and on the comic front, “Skullkickers”.

In fact, I want to spend a moment plugging this fantastic comic created by @JimZub and crew. They have been making this so-far-ongoing series for a couple of years now, and have built a great fan base through their print distribution. Last month on the Comics Experience Creators Workshop we had a fantasy inspired writing theme, and some script pages for the artists to try their hand at. Recently though, they have begun placing page after page of content online for FREE on Keenspot. I hadn’t heard of this website until some of the comic media reported SK was online, but man, it’s amazing.

I’ve been following a few web comics (notably Bearmaggedon and Axe Cop by The Eef, Ethan Nicolle) and love reading them on my laptop, but more often my iPad. I read the free #0 of Skullkickers on my iPad through Comixology and was hooked, but it didn’t reach my buying habits in print, mainly cause they’re pretty limited to Transformers comics. Through Keenspot I’ve been able to start catching up on this fantasy series filled with humour, bloody axe attacks and a mysterious duo that are quite effective at catching or eviscerating monsters.

It’s quite inspiring – both from a storytelling viewpoint and a fantasy reader one.


And now the awesome part:

A pretty massive, open invitation to compete to create a Skullkickers story. I’ve had my story skeleton running around in my head ever since I saw this posted a couple of weeks ago. And now I’ve gotta crunch out a finished pitch. It will be great just to send it in. I won’t be expecting anything, cause I’m sure there will be a HUGE number of contestants of a good-to-high quality. But once it’s over and announced, I’ll post my pitch here on my script samples page (coming soon).


So go check out Skullkickers! If you like any type of fantasy or buddy-cop genres, and don’t mind a bit of comic-blood or groin kicks then you’ll love it!


Cheers, Luke